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Peter Splitt  
  Lesetour Eifel & Rheinland September 2015
  Lesetour Eifel & Rheinland November 2015
  Lesetour Eifel& Rheinland Mai 2016
  Mit dem Schauspieler Willi Thomczyk auf der Burg Reifferscheid
  Die Jagd nach dem Inkaschatz
  Schatzsuche im Reich der Wolkenkrieger
  Mayersche Buchhandlung Trier Lesung
  Buchmesse Leipzig 2015
  Trierer Volksfreund Artikel... Lesetour...
  Verbandsgemeinde Bad Breisig, Artikel
  Galerie Eifel Kunst Artikel...
  bei der SWR 1 Hitparade
  Termine, News
  Medien, Presse, Radio...
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About the Author

About the author:

Peter Splitt was born on the 9th of September, 1961 in Remscheid, Germany, where he spent the major part of his youth. After studying the careers of engeneering and economics, he moved to the old german capital Bonn, in order to achieve degrees in forgeign languages, such as English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Together with music, literature and antiques, travels to distant countries have become his favourite passion. Especially Latinamerica, with it`s people and habits, as well as the ancient highly developed cultures and their remains, have encourached his enthusiasm. For more than 10 years , he is constantly travelling between Europe and Latinamerica.

Referring to his fascination for travelling and writing, he declares:

Travelling through the contradictory Latinamerican continent, I was able to observe with the eyes of a European citizen, the inexplicable  living conditions  there. The daily chaos with permanent improvisation, which one can never imagine to happen in our  modern world of high technology, combined with historical conections to old, lost cultures and their secrets and mystery. I have tried  to make them part of my stories, which are represented by my two leading actors: the german author Roger Peters and his Peruvian friend Luis. Thus, three fascinating stories have originated, relating to treasure hunting and  antique cultural objects, mixed with my own  travel experience in Latinamerica. All stories act in important archeological zones and are supplemented with many historical dates and facts about the Incas and pre-columbian cultures.


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